CeLaVi – Buitenspeel overall (waterdicht) – groen




Deze buiten speel overall met bretels van het Deense merk CeLaVi is ideaal om je kids onbezorgd buiten te laten spelen in weer en wind. De broek is waterdicht.

Durable PU rain pants available either as overalls with adjustable elastic suspenders (size 70-100) or with elastic waistband (size 110-140). Size 70-100 has elephant and CeLaVi logo on the right leg whereas size 110 and up only has CeLaVi logo. The pants have a reflective stripe on the right leg, so that the child is always visible. Available in many colors that match CeLaVi’s raincoats. The pants are like all our rainwear made of a great material that is both lightweight and durable. Even when it’s raining heavily, the child can stay dry, as the rainwear can hold a water pressure of 5000 mm. The seams are wind and waterproof

  • 100% Polyester w.Polyurethane coating

CeLaVi has focus on the well-being of the children. It must be fun to live, play and explore the world.

A combination of rainwear, wellies and wool ensures that the child can play outside in any kind of weather.

Beautiful prints and colors match the desire of any child.

70 – 6 maanden
80 – 1 jaar
90 – 2 jaar
100 – 3/4 jaar
110 – 5 jaar
120 – 6/7 jaar
130 – 8/9 jaar
140 – 10 jaar
150 – 11/12 jaar
160 – 13 jaar
170 – 14 jaar


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70, 80, 90, 100